Make the Most of Every Last Mile

With Orders going out for delivery using different Drivers at various times of the day, timely routing is crucial to ensure that Orders are being selected which consider unique driver constraints, customer constraints and capacity availability.

This is where our straightforward Driver planning, developed specifically for IC Couriers, makes dispatching a breeze.

Dispatch on the go and never miss an opportunity. With mobile login you can access your planner on any device for route planning on the go. Manage new and assigned Orders from your smart phone, computer or tablet anywhere you have Internet.

Automatically order planning based on driver availability and customer time windows relieves not only dispatchers, but brings overall efficiency to your entire operation.  Manage your deliveries with automation.

Accurately quote ETA’s to your customers based on real-time data and optimized routes.  Not only will your overall orders arrive at customer locations quicker, but the drivers will be empowered to deliver on-time every time.

Less expense planning and less wasted time on the road means more money in your pocket.  Get the most efficient routes planned to your drivers with compounding savings.

Since all drivers will have a mobile app with GPS tracking, customers can track all orders from their portal in real-time.