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What are the Benefits of a Courier Marketplace?

We’ve helped countless Couriers maximize profitability and scale their businesses by taking control over these critical areas.

One Platform to Run Your Entire Courier Operation

No need to combine multiple systems and interfaces to run your business. Sign in once and get everything you need to assign and track orders.

Manage Orders with Ease

Setup our system to suit your needs with various constraints and hours of service. Plug in your orders and let the system move them through delivery for you.

Build Routes and Assign in a Click

With the Planner you can build Driver Routes and Loads containing all your Orders for the day. Easily assign Orders to Drivers with a click in the Planner Order Dashboard Map.

Be Responsive to Daily Demands

As demands may change or exceptions occur, you need a solution that can not only respond to but also overcome the challenges. Our solution assists in critical decision-making so you remain competitive.

Track Vehicles and Keep Customers Updated

Track your drivers in real-time. Our driver app provides GPS tracking and availability along with built-in navigation for IC’s. Customers can check-in at anytime to see the status of their orders.

IC Workforce At Your Service

With our platform, you have immediate access to a dynamic IC workforce ready to deliver your orders. Simply plug in your orders and assign to delivery agents.

Our Connections


Your Trusted Consulting Network.

Offering over 100 years of combined experience in the Courier, Transportation and Logistics industries. If you have a Courier or Delivery company requiring assistance with operational efficiency, long term planning, interface training or expansion in any aspect related to the Courier industry, Courier Marketplace can help. We offer many different solutions to fit your company’s unique needs.

What’s the Process for Getting Started?

We make it easy for you to get started using our platform right away with our 3 Step Process.

  • Step 1


    Sign up for one of our three platforms.

  • Step 2


    We work with you to help integrate your business processes and data into our platform.

  • Step 3


    You are ready to begin using your Planning platform within one week.

Courier Marketplace gives you the visibility to help quickly win business in today’s competitive Last Mile world. By using our sourcing with logistics connections and partnerships you will open new delivery links. We will customize a Courier Listing to open the door and create a gateway to effectively bring you more Courier Business opportunities.

No website to buy, no programmers to pay. Simple, fast, affordable, easy… yet powerful!