Your Driver Workforce

As consumer demand for delivery services continues to drive growth in the IC workforce workspace, Independent Contractors are being contracted to help meet the demand. These business are commonly referred to as the Master Contractor or Small Courier Company. While this allows for contracting companies to distribute additional work to (IC) contractors, visibility into the contractors who are doing the work is continually becoming more difficult.

The world of Small Courier and (IC) Independent Contractors  is changing dramatically, and the shape of the workforce is changing with it. As logistic organizations respond to the forces of driver technology innovation, they need to be agile enough to address driver solutions optimization, compete with more nimble start-ups and scale or descale sources depending on demand. They also need to be able to rigorously manage settlements.

Our Sourcing connects Small Couriers and Driver Contractors automatically as Independent Contractors (IC), providing all contingent workforce to become streamlined, reduce research time and maximizing opportunities. We recruit Driver Contractors whose profiles meet industry benchmarks. Our direct integration with service providers offers tech-driven background screening to improve driver Onboarding. We source Independent Contractors (IC) to provide superior customer service, operational excellence and to meet individual requirements and constraints. Screening services are customized based on client needs.

Courier Marketplace partners with Openforce for (IC) settlements allowing you to track the payments for all the drivers connected to your company. This also allows you to view workflow deductions to the settlements.  Independent Contractors can also view real time activity through a login portal.

Get found on our Courier search engine in your local area by your ideal customers.  Be your customers’ hero providing streamlined delivery services that never miss a beat.


Put your mind at ease with all of your drivers being vetted and insured properly with industry-specific commercial insurance.


Driver Settlements are tracked in the system and automatically deposited into your drivers’ bank accounts each week.